SKD New Standard Coaching Institute with Shri S.K.D. Singh, as the founder, is the most reputed institute of North India for Pre-Medical guidance. The institute is renowned for its academic excellence and remarkable performance. No other institute holds so glorious a track record ever since its inception as does the SKD New Standard Coaching Institute. The ever growing tally of selection in various reputed Medical Colleges, is a long saga which covers a long span of 34 years, and it is in itself, a proven track record of its excellence.

 The institute is centrally located so that it is very easily and conveniently approachable from all the corners of the city. It provides all the facilities and amenities that a students needs most. Being right at the center of Lucknow, transport and hostel facilities are in the close vicinity.

We believe in molding and shaping our aspiring students through easy learning skills, developing knowledge, building up confidence and grasping techniques putting our students through a constant and sustained study environment and encourage them at adopt more practical way of living especially during the present critical phase of their life.

Education is a fundamental birth right of every child and competition is fundamental way of progress in view of ethics, science, culture & above all prosperity to nation and humanity.

Service to the mankind through medical profession is the noblest profession among all. Our Society needs doctors more than any other professionals. We give our students a competitive environment through latest notes, rigorous test series, doubt removing sessions, career counselling from time to time so as to make the selection a reality and not mere dream.

Lastly, I pray for all of us to be blessed by Almighty God for success

Manish Singh
B.Tech, M.B.A.